Marina Spadafora, ethical designer and ambassador of sustainable fashion in the world, and Neliana Tersigni, Journalist and Sky correspondent from Egypt, participated to the event to promote and support the mission of the Cottonforlife Initiative.


“I'm here tonight to present the beautiful and innovative project of Filmar. I like to define my work as “ fashion with a mission ”, I have devoted my professionality to promote sustainable fashion in the world and I’m honored to be here tonight to present the film ”Cottonforlife”. CottonforLife represents what the future of sustainable business should look like. This wonderful initiative works on many levels to promote progress in a respectful and proactive way."

That’s how Marina Spadafora presented the Cottonforlife Initiative, underscoring the central aspects that the program promotes and develops (environmental protection, education and training, international cooperation and youth protection from the dangers of irregular migration across the Mediterranean) which qualify the Initiative as a shining example in support to a more just and shared development.

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“For centuries it has been a myth, as well as a wealth. For centuries it has been the pride of a country. “It’s Egyptian cotton”, they used to say...With such credentials the doors where easily open to products made with Egyptian cotton, even if often manufactured abroad. White Gold represented, and still represents today for Egyptians and for the world, a symbol to be transmitted in time, such as the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the lotus flower poetically depicted in the tombs of pharaohs”.

That’s how Neliana Tersigni recalled the fame of the Egyptian cotton which is promoted and supported by the Cottonforlife initiative. In her vision the Filmar CSR integrated initiative could provide a model for entrepreneurs operating in emerging countries. By investing in sustainable development entrepreneurs could play a leading role in transferring and developing know-how of young generations who are often taken, because of lack of skills and job opportunities, to face the risk of death by crossing the Mediterranean Sea.


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