By committing to the Greenpeace Detox campaign, Filmar is among the world leaders taking action for a toxic free fashion.


"We are proud to announce our Detox commitment" said Marco Marzoli, Filmar CEO. "I believe it is nowadays impossible, for the Italian textile value chain, to be out of the international eco-friendly frameworks."

"In order to defend the value of the Italian excellent textile value chain and be recognized as such, we need to be personally committed on the ground and consider sustainability as one of the main priorities in our work. Business models that harm the environment, the future of the planet and exploit people are no longer acceptable. It is a must to be committed to research and innovation to conserve the environment and protect people, from workers to final consumers". It is in this light that Filmar declares that its supply chain is aligned to Detox allowing products of excellent quality, socially responsible and respectful of the environment.

Click here to read Filmar Detox commitment.


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