A short movie to tell Cottonforlife A thread running between


July 2016

The video has been presented at Pitti Filati by Marco Marzoli, Filmar CEO: "It has been a while since we contemplated ​​making a corporate video that would explain in detail all of our processes. We were looking for the right time and inspiration which came from the Cottonforlife Initiative, an extraordinary experience that involves authentic people and relationships. The video enabled us to make a display of the territories in which we operate, the Franciacorta and Mediterranean cost of Egypt”.

Marina Spadafora, ethical designer and ambassador of sustainable fashion in the world, and Neliana Tersigni, Journalist and Sky correspondent from Egypt, participated to the event to promote and support the mission of the Cottonforlife Initiative.


By committing to the Greenpeace Detox campaign, Filmar is among the world leaders taking action for a toxic free fashion.


July 2016

"We are proud to announce our Detox commitment" said Marco Marzoli, Filmar CEO. "I believe it is nowadays impossible, for the Italian textile value chain, to be out of the international eco-friendly frameworks."

The Fashion Institute of Technology , in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano , has organized a fashion show to present the creative talent of the international students attending the course.


July 2016

The Fashion Design program with two specializations in knitwear and sportswear , offers students of FIT in New York the opportunity to study in Italy, in Milan, in the city which is the main reference in the global fashion scene.

Sansovino 6 at Pitti Filati: a special event


July 2016

It has been a very special event the Sansovino6 fashion show at ht Pergola Tether in Florence, organized by Pitti Filati. The young artist Edward Buchanan has presented his spring-summer collection 2017, a mix of men and women wear, among which the ones realized with our yarns.

Promote innovative ideas and responsible behavior to change the world of fashion : Cottonforlife supports Fashion Revolution


May 2016

On April 18th we all met in Piazza San Fedele Milan, to open and celebrate the Fashion Revolution week. Tiziana di Masi performed, for Fashion Revolution, a piece addressing counterfeit fashion.

Creativity, Know-how and flexibility: these are the core values that Feel the Yarn promotes through its activities dedicated to knitwear in the fashion world


May 2016

Feel the Yarn is an annual competition which involves young fashion designers from renowned fashion and design schools around the world.

Cottonforlife mapped by Atlas of the Future, atlas of talents and innovative ideas solving tomorrow’s challenges


May 2016

"A super-advanced project that encompasses so many different aspects of sustainability, both socially via education and fair wages and environmentally, from organic seed to sustainable manufactured yarns."

Energy efficiency is a central theme for companies that care about the environment: we are among those...!!


May 2016

Optimizing production processes and adopting a correct and conscious use of electrical equipment, lighting and heating means, in short, to put on the market products that, while respecting the environment, are also more economic.

At Pitti, the White Gold of the land of Pharaohs
shows off its ethical soul.


February 2016

De nilo nil (Nothing can be created out of nothing) used to say the Roman poet and philosopher Lucrezio in its De rerum natura (On the Nature of Things).

The mytical barometz


February 2016

Dr. Erasmus Darwin, in 1781, contributed to the literature of the subject the following lines ...

Filmar’s collections for the 2017 spring-summer season have been presented at Pitti Filati 78, in a creative and joyful setting underscoring the central role of human beings and respect of nature


February 2016

The balanced and privileged relation between nature and man, the respect of people’s rights and nature conservation have always been the pillars of our productive processes.

We all have to take action to contribute to human and environmental protection: Cottonforlife supports the Global Goals for Sustainable Development


February 2016

On the 25 September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly formally adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, along with a set of bold new Global Goals.

Cotton history and its introduction into Europe


February 2016

The earliest known references on the use of cotton in Egypt could be dated approximately around 550 BC.

Merry christmas and happy new year 2016


December 2015

As very year, on the eve of the holiday season we welcome this opportunity to send you our best wishes.

NILO at Pitti Filati 78


December 2015

NILO the first extra long staple organic cotton yielded by the COTTONFORLIFE initiative will be presented at Pitti Filati 78.

MEDITEX: Building Euro-Mediterranean Crossroads to Create Textile Synergies Conference


December 2015

The Conference has been organized with the objective of promoting and enhancing business relations among main textile agents across the Mediterranean and in support of the textile and clothing industry in the region.

Expo 2015: Egyptian Cotton and sustainability


October 2015

Time of great satisfaction for the results achieved by the initiative Cottonforlife and for the team which has been working with passion and conviction to promote Egyptian cotton sustainability.

At the EXPO to tell the story of Cottonforlife and then to Damietta where everything started and still continues...


October 2015

We have celebrated with the farmers and the Damietta communities the first harvest of organic Giza 45 and Giza 87 grown in the Cottonforlife plantations. It happened in a wonderful atmosphere, where the white of the cotton blended with the green of the fields and the blue of the sky.

Cottonforlife brings back the Egyptian cotton Excellencies: Giza 45 and Giza 87 are back with a modern bio-appeal!!!


April 2015

We went to Damietta to take part in a highly anticipated event: the cotton seed planting to pilot the very first organic cultivars of Giza 45 and 87.

Wired Point Project by Sara Massi


April 2015

Research and trial, in addition to my passion for the arts and the anthropology, are the basis of my work as designer.

What’s Cottonforlife about?


February 2015

Cottonforlife Initiative promotes Egyptian cotton sustainability and provides transparency of the different production steps.

Pitti Filati - 76°Edition


February 2015

A few days ago, the last edition of Pitti Yarns has finished, and Filmar Network introduced its collections for the spring/summer 2016.

A grand step for the Cottonforlife Initiative!!!


February 2015

A 5 year Protocol to enhance youth education and employment in the textile sector has been signed on the 16th of February 2015, between the Egyptian Ministry of Education, ALEXBANK (a subsidiary of Intesa Sanpaolo Group) and Filmar Nile Textile, in the framework of the CottonforLife Initiative.

Alexbank and Filmar supporting COTTON4LIFE INITIATIVE


December 2014

Filmar S.p.A. and ALEXBANK join hands in supporting sustainable development in Egypt through an innovative partnership in the framework of the Cottonforlife Initiative.

The Sacred Feminine


December 2014

The young fashion designer, Anne Wagoner, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, talks about her life and her collection.

Think Eco Work Eco!


December 2014

Every product has a huge impact on the environment in which we live. For this reason, Filmar works to make its own production process environmentally sustainable from the cotton to the yarn.



October 2014

Filmar S.p.A. further strengthens its longstanding commitment in support of eco-sustainable development through the signature of an Agreement with the Egyptian Government, kick starting a five-year integrated program to enhance the cultivation, industrialization and fair-trade of Egyptian Extra-Long Staple organic cotton.

Golden Remnants Collection


October 2014

The young fashion designer, Yuchen Chiu, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, talks about his collection "Golden Remnants".

FILMAR NETWORK: continuity, network, innovation and sustainability


Giugno 2014

The Light Blue Pyramid that has represented Filmar since 1958 is now renewed in a clean and minimal logo.

new performances for Filmar yarns


April 2014

Colors4Socks is a new project carried on to develop and enhance Filmar’s quality yarns by showcasing new features and color selections.

Kirigami of Filoscozia®


April 2014

The young designer Nicholas Lor founded his brand in February 2013 with a small socks and t-shirts collection, produced with the collaboration of Filoscozia® and exhibited at the International fashion and textile show “Première Vision” in Paris and afterwards at “Filo” in Milan.

From the mythology of cotton to the mythology of beauty


January 2014

"Shell-like pearls and butterfly wings, animal shoot and snakes’ tails, petal pink and fairy mirrors..." The kaleidoscopic image that promotes Myto, the new yarn premiered at Pitti 2014 by Filmar spa, is like a magic potion.

Take a close look at this picture...


January 2014

What does this mean to you?

Filoscozia® tricot


December 2013

The Filoscozia® tricot line enriches itself with two new yarns Sun & Moon.

The Colour that will come


December 2013

Is it possible to predict a colour? This is the key question of the symposium “Discussing with colour” which took place in Milano, at Triennale on 14th November 2013 and promoted by Color Coloris Italian color insight.

"The Cotton Museum of Cairo" cocktail party at the Lemon Grove


July 2013

Following the Cotton Museum of Cairo photographic exhibition at the Pitti Filati tradeshow in Florence July 2013, there was a cocktail party in the evening of Thursday July 4 at the lemon groves of Palazzo dei Congressi (the congress center).

At Pitti Filati sheep sprout from the trees!


July 2013

This year at Pitti Filati sheep sprouted from the trees! A flock of lamb plants populated the walkway entrance to the Florentine tradeshow, attracting the attention of guests and visitors to the Cotton Museum of Cairo photographic exhibition, organized and promoted by Filmar Spa.

Lucinda Popp for Filmar/Filoscozia @ Feel the yarn


July 2013

The young designer, Lucinda Popp, interpreted Filoscozia for Filmar Spa in the fourth contest of Feel the Yarn, during Pitti Filati in July.

Filmar: official Filoscozia supplier @ Feel the yarn


July 2013

Filmar sponsored the fourth edition of the competition Feel the Yarn, as the sole supplier and accredited manufacturer of the historical original yarn Filoscozia.

The first presentation of the book "The Cotton Museum"
takes place in Cairo


June 2013

On Tuesday 4th June, against the splendid backdrop of the Four Seasons hotel in Cairo, the first presentation took place of the book "The Cotton Museum of Cairo", published and promoted by Filmar Spa. Meanwhile further presentations and a photographic exhibition have already been scheduled for 4th July at Pitti Immagine in Florence.

Dacia Maraini has dedicated to Filmar the poem
"Il Fiore del Cotone"


June 2013

Il fiore del cotone, nella sua umiltà caprina,
nella sua morbidezza di nuvola gentile
si apre ai nostri sensi sorpresi
con l’allegria di una farfalla tra cavoli maturi.

Filoscozia® the original


March 2013

Filmar, Filoscozia® Association member and Filoscozia® licensed manufactur, sponsors the re-launch of the brand. Filoscozia® the original is a cotton yarn of the highest quality, produced exclusively from noble varieties of durable and naturally shiny extra-long staple cotton. Filoscozia® is now available in 100 colors in STOCK SERVICE. Filoscozia® fabrics and garments each carry a guarantee certificate with holographic labelling and are distinguished by a quality brand.

Creative Suite, free your creativity!


February 2013

From all the Filmar products in Stock Service (Cotton Store, Filoscozia®, Zero), now with the Creative Suite service you can: create “your own yarn,” unique and customized, order it in small quantities for samples, have it delivered in FAST 12, 12 days guaranteed delivery!

Vis a Vis, luxury viscose


February 2013

“Luxury viscose” was created by a special process of twisting, which enhances softness and silky luster. Flowing, versatile, soft, absorbent, antistatic, “Luxury viscose” is excellence viscose.

Cotton Store, SS 2014 Additional Colors


February 2013

Delicious sorbet shades and pastel tones today enrich the palette of Cotton Store - the maxi stock service 100% cotton. Ask for the new card!

Travelbag collection: discover the new Streetmood!


January 2013

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having a new vision. Distance yourself from safe waters. Let your sails take the wind. Explore! Dream! Discover!
This is the philosophy from which TRAVELBAG originated: discover the new Streetmood collection!


July 2012

The Filati Color collection, interpreted by clothing of the fashion designer Nicola Luccarini, is the mood of the Filmar / Filati Color area at PITTI IMMAGINE FILATI
4/5/6 July 2012 - Stand G 5/6 ground level

Travelbag collection


July 2012

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having a new vision. Distance yourself from safe waters. Let your sails take the wind. Explore! Dream! Discover!
This is the philosophy from which TRAVELBAG originated: a collection of yarns to be discovered!



June 2012

A novel Filati Colour collection, dedicated to the winter season.

Fluo Glam Spring Summer 2013


May 2012

From today FILMAR MERCERIZED COTTON YARN folder (Mercerized Makò gassed 100% Egyptian Cotton) is enriched with 7 new FLUO colors, available in STOCK in the following titles:
Ne 38/2, 44/2, 60/2


January 2010

Presentation of the new Spring / Summer 2012 yarn collections at PITTI IMMAGINE FILATI Filmar, Filati Color and Filarc.

Virtual Knitting with Cotton Store and Shima Seiki


September 2010

The new Shima Seiki SDS-ONE technology and the Cotton Store color palette ushers in a new era of virtual knitting.

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Filmar Network for Cotton Artwork


Luglio 2010

Filmar + Filati Color + Filarc: a combination of experience and expertise to offer a diverse range of new and creative yarns made of cotton and other materials.

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La fabbrica del filo che fece di Palazzolo la Manchester italiana


31 dicembre 2009, da il "Brescia Oggi"

In libreria da alcune settimane «La fabbrica del filo nell'ovest bresciano. leri la seta oggi il cotone e fibre manmade» di Marino Gamba e Francesco Ghidotti potrebbe essere un'idea originale per un regalo.

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Un filo di storia. II mezzo secolo della Filmar


26 settembre 2009, da il "Giornale di Brescia"

Filmar, cinquant' anni d'industria tessile, nel segno della continua ricerca ed innovazione.

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Filmar Gold Anniversary


January 2008

Filmar have always been devoted to the most basic fibers - cotton. They are on a constant quest to find the best finishing for this ancient raw material.

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Is the new magazine by Filmar for fashion, with fashion yarns.

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Prototype is Filmar's cotton yarn research and development unit.

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