Filmar Nile Textile


With the launch of the new Filmar Nile Textile plant in Bourg el Arab, near Alexandria, Filmar inaugurated the 100% Nile brand.
100% Nile is 100% Egyptian cotton cultivated in the Nile Delta. The best quality cotton in fact originates from here, where the silt and water of the “great river” make this land extremely fertile. Cotton plants prosper thanks to the combination of the river water, the hot Egyptian sun and the dry climate of the nearby desert areas. It is the same water of the Nile, along with the salt of the nearby Medi­terranean, which is used by Filmar for finishing the raw material.

With the same ingredients used by the ancient Egyptians to produce Earth’s first cotton cloth, today 100% NILE brings back - albeit aided by modern technology - the knowhow of the ancients, in total respect for nature and man.

Filmar Nile Textile Filmar Nile Textile Filmar Nile Textile Filmar Nile Textile