Zero is zero pilling. A 100% Egyptian cotton yarn - clean and perfect. The result of 50 years of research by Filmar into outstanding natural fibers.

Zero is the combination of top quality raw material - the best Egyptian cotton - with the technological innovation of COM4® spinning, which literally eliminates every trace of bobbling in the fiber.
An original result, for the most demanding aesthetes and true connoisseurs of quality textiles.
The rich color palette, regularly updated on the basis of the most reliable trends in fashion, is now in its Fourth Edition.

99 colors in Stock Service in the following counts:

  • NM 1/100 - Ne 60/1
  • NM 2/100 - Ne 60/2
  • NM 3/100 - Ne 60/3
  • NM 4/100 - Ne 60/4
  • NM 5/100 - Ne 60/5

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Zero is:

  • Lower yarn hairiness
  • No pilling after several washes
  • Improved abrasion strength
  • Perfect yarn structure
  • Higher strength
  • Higher elongation
  • Low cv% of strength
  • After windings better evenness results and lower increase of IPI values
  • Steady minimum resistance on higher strength values by reduction of twist factor
Book Zero Convetional Cotton

conventional cotton



Zero Creative Suite


In addition, thanks to the exclusive Creative Suite service, Filmar creates:

  1. X3 (Nm 3/100- Ne 60/3) 3 threads of ZERO are combined to achieve an soft moulineè effect. Available in 36 different colors with refined melange effect.
  2. Treccia (NM 4300) 3 threads of ZERO mixed and twisted together in a precious chain. Available in 36 different colors with refined melange effect.
Book Zero X3 Book Zero TRECCIA

Zero digital yarns


Zero is available for rapid digital prototyping with Shima Seiki.

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USB Zero Digital Yarns - Shima Seiki
conventional cotton
after 8000 revolutions or 5 washes
after 8000 revolutions or 5 washes