Vis a Vis


Produced from wood pulp and other cellulosic plant fibers, viscose has natural origins. Vis a Vis was created by a special process of twisting, which enhances softness and silky luster. Flowing, versatile, soft, absorbent, antistatic, Vis a Vis Luxury viscose is excellence viscose. Like silk, it should be washed at low temperatures (40 °C) or in cold water with a mild detergent. Do not rub, do not centrifuge and do not put in dryer.

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100% Luxury Viscose
30 colors Stock Service, in counts:

  • NM 1/80 - Ne 48/1
  • NM 2/80 - Ne 48/2
  • NM 3/80 - Ne 48/3
  • NM 4/80 - Ne 48/4
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