Travelbag collection


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having a new vision. Distance yourself from safe waters. Explore! Dream! Discover!

This is the philosophy from which TRAVELBAG originated: a collection of yarns to be discovered!

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From the soft tones of a newly discovered Milan, to the Mediterranean colours of Barcelona, from the gray-blue of London to the green eco-melancholy of Berlin: Urbanmood is:

100% Egyptian Mercerized Cotton

72 colours in Fast12 (Filmar guaranteed delivery in 12 days), in the counts:
NM 2/68, Ne 40/2


The natural flavour of flax blended with the noble cotton ZERO, created AFROMOOD: a collection with warm and softened tones, evoking the magic of a pristine land.

68% raw flax + 80 ZERO colours 100% compact zero-pilling Egyptian cotton

36 colours in Fast12, in the counts:
NM 2/68, Ne 38/2

In addition to the 36 samples available in the portfolio, ask for the Zero range,
and experience all the 91 Zero colours mixed with raw flax!
You can also order your new Afromood shades in small samples.


is luminescent sparkles of pure colour!

72% Egyptian Cotton, 18% PES, 10% Nylon

36 colours in Fast12, in the counts:
NM 2/72, Ne 42/2


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