One is the evolution of Zero, the perfect yarn.
100% Egyptian quality selected cotton fiber, spun with zero pilling COM4® technology, silk-illuminated by mercerization.
From this a neat, clean, shiny, most brilliant yarn has been developed.

One offers 90 colors in Stock Service, in NM 4/100 Ne60/4

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One is produced like this:

  • The technological innovation of COM4® eliminates any pilling of the fibre.
  • Doubling creates the perfect marriage of the single plies.
  • Mercerization renders the yarn glossy, durable, unshrinkable and appropriately absorbent.
  • One is dyed with colorants that fully respect the human and environmental standards established by Oeko-Tex, standard 100, Class 1 (products for children).
  • A new winding technology renders the yarn ductile and responsive to any kind of subsequent high-speed weaving or knitting, and to the most complex techniques and processes.
Book One
conventional cotton
after 8000 revolutions or 5 washes
after 8000 revolutions or 5 washes