Karnak Menoufi


This antique Eyptian cotton, which is extraordinarily beautiful and rare, originates from the coastal zone in between lakes Burullus and Manzala.
This dark cotton, which seems almost mud-like and imbued with the amazing essence of lime, comes right from the Nile delta, the emblem of fertility.
This is not a recurring gift of nature, on the contrary it is an exceptional harvest and an event that only happens when there is a favorable agro-cli­matic union, in soil that has particular bio-chemical characteristics and exposed to doses of sun and saltwater breezes from the lakes and sea nearby.

For ten years no cotton producer had been able to cultivate this essence. What used to be considered as a lost botanical treasure and the greatest expression of a bygone age of spinning, has now found new life. Filmar has been lucky to find a small quantity of real Karnak-Menoufi. But maybe it was really nature’s reward for so much dedication and passion shown over the years to this primary material and to its ancient land of origin, Egypt.

Today Filmar proudly presents this extraordinary product, with its uniquely spun characteristics, not found in any other place on the planet. This naturally cream colored cotton is a long staple, which means it can be spun in ultrasoft count ranges. Worked with experience, it produces unparalleled resistance of the yarns, soft weaves and absolute pliability. The mercerization shows off its natural shine, with pearly and iridescent reflections. The excellence of the work­manship and subsequent manufacture lead to unique and unrepeatable items of clothing, for those who can really appreciate the quality of the material.

Karnak Menoufi is available in the following counts:

  • NM 2/150 - Ne 90/2 Gassed Mercerized
  • NM 3/150 - Ne 90/3 Gassed Supersotf
  • NM 4/150 - Ne 90/4 Gassed Supersotf
  • NM 6/150 - Ne 90/6 Gassed Supersotf
  • NM 8/150 - Ne 90/8 Gassed Supersotf
  • NM 6.400 - Ne 30/8 Gasato supersoft
  • NM 4.200 - Ne 30/12 Gasato supersoft
  • NM 2.800 - Ne 30/18 Gasato supersoft
Box Karnak Menoufi Box Karnak Menoufi