Filmar Collection


Filmar Collection offers the drapes of all the cotton-based yarns currently proposed and produced. The main Filmar catalogue is renewed every six months in Spring / Summer and Fall / Winter.

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The book consists of three product families:

Drape samples of all Filmar yarns available for immediate delivery: Cotton Store, Cashmere & Cotton, Zero, One and Mercerized. Cotton Store, Cotton & Cashmere, Artic, Zero, One.
Myto, Bacotone, Frescolino, Setino e Velloso.
Each product is available in the related color book.

Contains Fast12 drape samples of Filmar yarns available in twelve days, such as Filoscozia® the original and other mercerized yarns, Vis a Vis luxury viscose, many proposals made with the Cretive Suite service and a series of cotton-based selected blends.
Each product is available in the related color book.

Drape samples of the finest 100% Egyptian cotton, such as Karnak Menoufi and ELS 45, together with the most skilled work in 100% Egyptian yarn: such as the bright-mercerized Karnak Menoufi, Rouches crepe and the twisted multiwire Ecclettici.
These products are unique and extraordinary for connoisseurs of quality textiles.

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