ELS 45


ELS45 is found exclusively in the area of ABU Hummus in Egypt.
It is cotton of the Giza 45 variety, cultivated on select typologies of terrain whose agronomic properties are controlled by Filmar. It obviously has unique characteristics of fineness, length and maturity and is easily distinguished by an extremely soft silky hand. The length of the fibre is 43-46 mm. Micronaire 2,8-3.
It is hand picked in 5 successive steps in order to assure that the bolls are picked at the correct point of maturity. Because of the careful cultivation and the manual picking there is no need to use defoliants in the plant cycle and other artificial additives used in machine picking.
There is a perfect union between the quality of the raw material and the sage productive ability that uses the best technology to produce a noble yarn of unequal quality that reaches the top: ELS45 cotton “Gran Cru”.

ELS 45 is available in the following counts:

  • NM 2/50 - Ne 30/2
  • NM 3/50 - Ne 30/3
  • NM 3/70 - Ne 40/3
  • NM 4/60 - Ne 36/4
  • NM 5.600
ELS 45 ELS 45