Cotton Store


100% Egyptian Makò Cotton
264 colors in Stock service (192 solid + 72 melange) in the counts:

  • Makò (NM 1/50 - Ne 30/1)
  • Papiro (NM 2/50 - Ne 30/2)
  • Loto (NM 3/50 - Ne 30/3)

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With 8 years of success, Cotton Store is now in its Fifth Edition.
The unique color palette is regularly updated with the most reliable studies on chromatic taste in fashion.
Prompt delivery on such rich shades of color is provided by an innovative manufacturing system, which is very safe and very reliable. In fact, no Cotton Store yarns have led to any rejects or poor performance.
Cotton Store offers a selection of top counts from various sectors of fashion production. These counts meet the varied needs of knitting, hosiery, and weaving.
Cotton Store: the emotional power of chromatics, quality material, Filmar service guarantee!

Cotton Store Book

Cotton Store digital yarns


Cotton Yarn Store is available for rapid digital prototyping with Shima Seiki.

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USB Cotton Store - Shima Seiki

Cotton Creative Suite


Unleash your creativity with Creative Suite!
Twist the Cotton Store colors with more plies of the same or different tones and create your own thread.

Some examples:

100% Egyptian Cotton Supersoft, NM 6.400 - Ne 30/2x4

100% Egyptian Cotton Supersoft, NM 2.900 - Ne 30/2x9

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Creative Suite