Cotton & Cashmere


From the Filmar research team, on the way to excellence, comes Cotton & Cashmere.
The cashmere is gathered by clipping and manual combing. From the fleece of the hircus goats we only select the duvet, i.e. the soft undercoat which is the softest and woolliest layer. On the planes of Giza, Filmar grows and harvests the best Egytpian cotton, with long fine fibers. The bolls that have matured are harvested by hand only so as to eliminate any impurity in the fiber. From this fusion of two excellent raw materials we produce “Cotton & Cashmere“ an extraordinarily soft yarn, which using Italian knowhow and taste, brings together the softness and velvet feel of cashmere with the silkiness of the best Egyptian cotton.

81 colors in Stock Service, in the counts:

92 colors in Stock Service (80 solid colors + 12 mélange), in the counts:

  • NM 1/50, Ne 30/1
  • NM 2/50, Ne 30/2
  • NM 3/50, Ne 30/3

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