Colors4socks Collection


By the Spring Summer 2016, Colors4Socks introduces a very refined collection, rich in sophisticated style suggestions, which are ideal to inspire high-level weavers and creatives. Extremely fine wires in titrations are well placed to play a current style.
The colors are introduced in combinations that express our individuality, personality and freedom. The color becomes a dynamic game between beauty and instinctive predilections.

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51% Silk - 49% Filoscozia Cotton
In the count Ne 48/2 - Nm 2/80
Silky, luster without equals, meeting of silk and mercerized cotton thread
for a fluid thread that plays the modern and valuable review of silk.

80% Cotton - 11% polyamide - 9% Polyester
In the count Ne 24/1 - Nm 24.000
light effect created by the embrace of thin lamé with cotton Zero,
for a rich and sophisticated thread.

100% Cotton
In the countNe 40/2 - Nm 2/70

100% Cotton
In the countNe 20/1 - Nm 34.000
CORK & DERBY, where the cotton Zero meets the cotton Filoscozia
for a multicolor effect with 2 and 3 colors.

Colors4socks Collection