Biofil is produced by Filmar, using only organic cotton guaranteed by bioRe®.
The bioRe® programme, promoted by a network of companies and supported by COOP Switzerland, dictates cotton production according to eco-friendly and socially acceptable standards.

90 colors in the following counts:
NM 1/34 - Ne 20/1 NM 1/50 - Ne 30/1 NM 2/34 - Ne 20/2 NM 2/50 - Ne 30/2

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Biofil is:

The cotton is not treated genetically, and is instead grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers or defoilants. It is then harvested entirely by hand.

100% organic cotton - protecting consumer health. The yarn is dyed by Italian firms with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), without the use of carcinogenic or allergenic colorants.

Filmar’s aim in creating Biofil is sustainable development.The bioRe® production system guarantees direct cotton producers respect for the local culture, safe and fair working conditions and an adequate, socially acceptable standard of living.


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Biofil labels are delivered on-demand in accordance with the number of kilograms of Biofil yarn ordered. Biofil labels are delivered within 30 days after confirmation of the order. We do not accept requests for customized labels.

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