Artic is an evolution in “hand crepe” of Zero, 100% Egyptian cotton zero pilling yarn.
With Artic, a perfect yarn is born, both clean and sharp. Just as ice can be both smooth in essence and rough on the surface, Artic has a clean-cut outline, with no pilling; ruffled only by the creping process.
Artic is the combination of top quality raw material - the best Egyptian cotton - with the technological innovation of COM4® spinning, which literally eliminates every trace of pilling in the fiber. An original result, for the most demanding aesthetes and true connoisseurs of quality textiles.
With Artic one can make thin, light, clean and crisp jumpers that do not stick to the body, but foster fresh, natural ventilation - perfect for the summer season.

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100% Egyptian Cotton compact crèpe zero pilling
56 colors in Stock service, in the counts:

  • NM 1/100, Ne 60/1
  • NM 2/100, Ne 60/2
  • NM 3/100, Ne 60/3
  • NM 4/100, Ne 60/4
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